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  Control Technologies
2776 South Financial Court
Sanford, FL 32773
Phone: 407.330.2800
Fax: 407.330.2804
  Email: info@cttraffic.com  
Sanford Office
  President - Michael R. Day
  Vice President - Bill Brown
  Vice President of Sales - Dan Dietrich
  Comptroller - Heather Jensen
  Accounts Payable/Receivables - Grace Rudl
  Purchasing - Julie Neff  
  Production/ Quality Manager - Jim Ciullo  
  Systems Integrator - Mike Travers
Technical Support Manager Flir / Traficon Sales - Bryan Kaeser
Video Technician - Julian Relf  
Cabinet Technician - Tim LaFleur  
  Florida Sales Engineer - Pete Ganci  
Georgia Technical Support - Bobby McGraw  
  South Florida Technical Support - Howie Levings  
Southeastern Sales Manager - Tommy Anderson  

Central US Regional Manager - Derek Townsend

Texas Sales - Brandan Elsner  
  Texas Technical Support Manager - Jon Bonsall
  North & South Carolina, Southern Virgina Sales - Daniel Sagan
  Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager - James F. Lampe
Mid-Atantic Technical Support - Charles Kimbrough
Mid-Atlantic Office Manager - Lori Daniels
  CT West, Inc. (a subsidiary of Control Technologies)

43391 Business Park Dr. Suite C-8

Temecula, CA 92590
Phone: 951.691.1385
Fax: 951.308.4541
  Chief Financial Officer - Brenda Fonzo
Sales Contact - Bill Brown
  Sales/ Chief Technical Officer - Steve Brown
Northern California Sales - Wade Sumner
  Technical Support - Dave Rinehart  
  Technical Support -Joel Ljungberg  
  Kar-Gor, Inc. (a subsidiary of Control Technologies)
  Mailing Address: Shipping Address:
  PO Box 5948, Salem, OR 97304
3540 Brook Ave.NE, Bldg. 2, Salem OR 97301
  Phone: 503.315.9899
Fax: 951.308.4541
Sales Manager - David Shahon
Comptroller/NW Office Manager - Christy Fagan
  Quotes - Kim Weltz
Customer Service - Valerie Velaquez
Technical Support Engineer - Farid Semmahi
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