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Control Technologies, Inc. has been active in the traffic control systems arena, including Intelligent Transportation System Assemblies for over 36 years. We have manufactured over 25,000 Traffic Control Enclosures throughout the U.S.
Your source for:
  Video Detection Equipment UPS Systems
  Traffic Controllers, Cabinets and Systems Serial Server Devices
  Traffic Signals and Accessories Modems, Suppression Isolators
  LED Signal Inserts Lightning Dessipation
  Conflict Monitors CCTV Equipment
  Flashers, Load Switches Ethernet Switches
Who's Who at Control Technologies
President - Michael R. Day
  Vice-President - Bill Brown  
Vice-President of Sales - Dan Dietrich  
  Comptroller- Heather Jensen  
Accounts Payable/Receivables - Grace Rudl
Purchasing Agent - Julie Neff
Customer Service - any of the personnel listed
Production/Quality Manager - Jim Ciullo
Systerms Integrator - Mike Travers
Technical Support Management Flir/Traficon Sales - Bryan Kaeser
Video Technician - Julian Relf
Cabinet Technician - Tim LaFleur
  Florida Sales Engineer - Pete Ganci  
Technical Support, Georgia - Bobby McGraw
  Technical Support, S. Florida - Howie Levings  
Southeastern Sales Manager - Tommy Anderson
  Central U.S. Regional Sales Manager - Derek Townsend
  Texas Sales - Brandan Elsner
Texas Technical Support Manager - Jon Bonsall
North and South Carolina, Southern Virginia Sales - Daniel Sagan
Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager - James F. Lampe
Mid-Atlantic Technical Support - Charles Kimbrough
Mid-Atlantic Office Manager - Lori Daniels
CT West, Inc. (a subsidiary of Control Technologies)
Chief Financial Officer - Brenda Fonzo
Sales/Vice President and Customer Service - Bill Brown
  Sales/Chief Technical Officer - Steve Brown
Northern California Sales - Wade Sumner
  Technical Support - Dave Rinehart, Joel Ljungberg
  Office Coordinator - Valerie Velazquez
  Kar-Gor, Inc. (a subsidiary of Control Technologies)
  Comptroller/NW Office Manager - Christy Fagan  
Sales/Quotes - Kim Weltz
  Customer Service - Valerie Velazquez
NW Sales Manager - David Shahon
  Technical Support Engineer - Farid Semmahi
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